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Lil D.Va - “Bubble D.Va” (Official Audio)

ThatPunchKid Gaming 2017-07-29 - 11:19:47

"So we had a little remix on the Love, D.Va video. Thought Id make a longer version for you as there were so many requests! x ► Follow | Twitter: ► Support | Patreon: ► Chat | Discord: Overwatch Animated shorts: Overwatch Hero Montages: Lets shoot for a new highscore. Im number one, thats for sure. Old blizzard games? What a bore. I dont play Protoss anymore. BRB, Ill be back in 3. This is way too easy. Nerf me. Im so OP! Come on, you hear me baby? GG, Im player of the century. You think you can multi-kill? I dont think that you got the skill POW No hax required, who are you calling a child? Huh, Me? Okay... Dont think that theyre gonna bother us anymore. brb crumbs? gotta grab more gamer fuel after the match! nomnomnomnom nomnomnomnom. Haha. Play of the game. D.Vas my name. Its all over the hall of fame. A hacker shut me down. They got a ban, looked like a clown. Im gonna AFK. Hey, See ya! ;) Love, D.Va. Remember me? Im back in the game. (When you play) Play to win. Come on! Weapon systems buzzing! Its all in or nothing! Dont mess with me. This is war! NERF THIS! 2 to the 1, the 1 to the 3. Think you can keep up with me? Im in the zone With the M.V.P. Get ready to get OWNED. Light, camera, scoreboard! Time to show my skills. Come on team, get some kills. (we have to win) You could be a pro like me, Up up, down down, left right, GG. Heh, Im out K see ya! ;) Love, D.Va Bubble Tea Instrumental music by dark cat. SoundCloud: Twitter: A thanks to sasucchi for the D.Va artwork. Profile: Twitter:"

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