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8 Retired Wrestlers From The 90s Who Look Great And 7 Who Have Seen Better Days

ImFaizi People-Blogs 2018-06-14 - 20:09:01

"Retirement has the opportunity to be the best time of your life. But that definitely isnt the case for some of the wrestlers on our list. Such as Kamala whose battle with diabetes, least up until this point, has seen him having both of his legs amputated. Or Brian Knobbs who learned the hard way what happens to his body when he stops exercising, but not eating and drinking. X-Pac is lucky to be alive after spending months in the hospital following an attempt on his own life. And as for Shawn Michaels, you havent seen his recent haircut, youre about to get some childhood memories ruined. Even if part of what is helping them along is finding success in other careers. Such as Dwayne Johnson, whose movies you may have seen or Diamond Dallas Page who is changing lives with his yoga. Sid Vicious and Kevin Nash also both dont have any need to enter a WWE ring, but as youll see, they definitely still are in good enough shape to drop some jaws! For More WWE Videos Subscribe My Channel Top 10 Real Life WWE Friendships 15 Of The Undertaker’s Closest Friends In The Wrestling World WWE News Now 8 Wrestlers Who Love Brock Lesnar And 7 Who Hate Him 8 Wrestlers That Love Goldberg & 7 That Hate Him WWE Friends 8 Former WWE Stars Who Are Still Fit And 7 Not 10 Wrestlers Triple H Will NEVER Welcome Back To WWE And 5 He Might Forgive 8 Wrestlers Who Love CM Punk And 7 Who Hate Him 8 Wrestlers Who Love The Rock And 7 Who Hate Him 8 Wrestlers Who Are John Cena’s Friends And 7 Who Are His Enemies 8 WWE Stars Triple H Wants To Release And 7 He Wants To Push 15 Of Triple H’s Closest Friends In WWE Hi Guys, Welcome to ImFaizi. Here you get all about WWE, Best of WWE, WWE Top 10, WWE Friends, Best of ImFaizi, wwe history, wwe news and much more. Subscribe to stay tuned with me. Share the videos if you like. Subscribe us Like us on facebook Follow us on Google+"

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