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From Lake Zug to Lake Zurich (Cab Ride Switzerland | S5 Zug - PfÀffikon SZ)

Railway Emotions Autos-Vehicles 2018-11-08 - 17:00:07

"This is the opposite direction of travel of the Train ride around Lake Zurich video. The S5 service, a commuter train, starts in Zug in central Switzerland and goes through the SĂ€uliamt region with stops at all stations before reaching the city of Zurich. After Zurich, the line continues non-stop into Zurich Highlands, before serving all stations in the upper Zurich Highland area again. The Seedamm bridge finally connects Rapperswil and PfĂ€ffikon SZ by crossing Lake Zurich. This train ride is basically in a circle shape, meaning that the camera will point in every direction at least once during the whole cab ride. Not far from PfĂ€ffikon SZ is Zug, where the train ride has started. It is almost a complete circle through 4 cantons (states)! Locomotive/EMU: Stadler KISS160 (RABe 511) Train stops at: 00:10 Zug 03:10 Steinhausen Rigiblick 04:30 Steinhausen 07:20 Knonau 10:10 Mettmenstetten 13:40 Affoltern am Albis 16:30 Hedingen 19:55 Bonstetten-Wettswil 24:30 Birmensdorf 27:20 Weihermatt 29:00 Urdorf 32:50 Zurich Altstetten 35:15 Zurich HardbrĂŒcke 37:20 Zurich Main Station 39:40 Zurich Stadelhofen 50:15 Uster 55:20 Wetzikon 59:45 Bubikon 01:02:30 RĂŒti 01:06:30 Jona 01:08:50 Rapperswil 01:12:50 PfĂ€ffikon SZ Any questions? Just ask! Like what you see? Please like, subscribe and click the bell next to the subscription button to get notified instantly about new uploads! All content is original content created by me and/or my affiliates and ANY use outside this channel requires written permission from me. Passing train sound effect in intro made by InspectorJ on #RailwayEmotions #Switzerland #SBBCFFFFS"

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