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My Cat Stealing The Spotlight for 3 Minutes Straight | An Opie Compilation

Moriah Elizabeth Entertainment 2018-11-05 - 22:48:57

"Hey Guys!!! Sooo today is a compilation video dedicated to my cat Opie. Hes been interrupting my videos for 3 years.....enjoy! FAQs about Opie: –What breed is he? no clue, we got him at Pets Mart. They labeled him American medium hair. Butttt who knows! –How old is he? 4 :) –Where did his name come from? I named him after a character on The Andy Griffith Show which is an old black and white show I use to watch as a kid. The little boys name is Opie. Hes an adorable redhead haha MY CURRENT UPLOAD SCHEDULE: Every Friday at 4:00pm ET: Squishy Makeovers (roughly every other Friday), Thrift Makeovers, Craft Kits and Miscellaneous crafts and DIYs AND Every Other Monday: Squishy Updates, Create This Book episodes, mail openings/unboxings, announcements, experiments or any other weirdness I come up with... BUY CREATE THIS BOOK: BUY CREATE THIS BOOK 2: VISIT MY WEBSITE: MY MERCH: INSTAGRAM: EMAIL ME PICTURES OF YOUR ART: FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: *INTRO MUSIC BY SHIFTYPOP*"

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