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Something Mysterious Activities Happened In Antarctica -Buzz Aldrin Says Something Important!2017

NEWS & CONSPIRACY News-Politics 2017-09-29 - 02:12:59

"It demonstrates a pyramid-like structure in the snow, with a Google Earth-sort mark and stick. The mark peruses Antartica Pyramid – an incorrect spelling of Antarctica, which proposes that picture may have been doctored. Reactions to the video have fluctuated, with a few clients going down the cases, for example, James Jason, who remarked: Superb report Third Phase, I additionally trust things are going to get extremely sensational, and that is for everybody on our planet. Be that as it may, others have expelled it, for example, Gordon Anderson, who stated: I have invested a LOT of energy in snow secured mountains-skiing down, and this looks normal to me - not man made at any rate! Others have kidded that John Kerry was there for different reasons, for example, Daniel Schultz, who remarked: #27 on his container list, travel to Antarctica and make snow blessed messengers where no man has gone some time recently. It is vague what the structure could be, however it appears to be like a nunatak – a characteristic mountain top that sticks up above ice sheets. Nigel Watson, creator of the UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline: Photos of the pyramid structures are either photoshopped, edited pictures to influence the mountains to look more like pyramids or just pictures of regular arrangements called nunataks."

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