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投资就是投人 - 华创资本吴海燕, 金融科技领袖30人 Haiyan Wu, China Growth Capital

China Growth Capital People-Blogs 2018-08-01 - 10:15:17

"China Growth Capital (CGC) is a leading early-stage venture capital firm in China with an extended interest in Silicon Valley. The firm funds seed to Series B in Fintech, enterprise tech and Internet consumer sectors. The typical investment size ranges from $1M to 5M with a hard cap ceiling at $15M per company. Since its founding in 2006, China Growth Capital has grown to manage 6 Billion RMB (approximately 1 Billion USD) in asset under management across its different RMB and USD funds. The firm provides tremendous support to help its 229 portfolio companies (as of 2017) to develop business models and build exceptional teams. China Growth Capital is also one of the very few early-stage institutions in China with a well-known large seed program. Notable portfolio includes, ONE, Missfresh, Xiachufang, 700Bike, Wish, Tongdun, QuantGroup, Tongbanjie,, BeyondHost, 2Dfire, Quantgroup, Tongbanjie, DYCD, Beyondh, 2dfire, Emar, Wusongtech, DeePhi Tech, Aibee etc. 关于华创 华创资本是中国顶级的早期投资机构,为创业者提供初创期的风险投资,业务以中国市场为主,兼顾美国硅谷。自2006年成立伊始,华创资本一直专注于新金融、新实业、新消费领域的早期投资,并利用深厚的资源与经验帮助所投企业进行战略规划、业务拓展和团队组建。华创资本是中国金融科技领域、企业软件和服务领域的顶级投资机构、也是中国领先的天使投资机构之一。目前华创资本管理的人民币基金和美元基金合计80亿元人民币,投资范围覆盖天使轮到B轮,投资金额从数百万元人民币到亿元人民币。投资案例包括:什么值得买、ONE、每日优鲜、下厨房、700Bike、Wish、同盾科技、量化派、铜板街、第1车贷、别样红、二维火、PingCAP、无讼、深鉴科技、Aibee等。 About Haiyan Wu: Haiyan Wu is the managing partner at China Growth Capital, having been with the company since its establishment. She has been voted the Top 30 Fintech Leaders in China. Haiyan Wu is responsible for overall investment business and fund management. And she leads the investment in the financial service, enterprise software and services sectors. Haiyan led a few key investments, including Tongdun, Tongbanjie, QuantGroup, Tiger Brokers, 2dfire, PingCAP, 7ages,, Magmode, ONE, Xiachufang, etc. In 2008-2009, Haiyan spent two years of her career in DHgate. She was the Assistant to the CEO and directly responsible for two business divisions. Haiyan graduated with a bachelor degree in Engineering Physics from Tsinghua University. 关于吴海燕: 华创资本管理合伙人,全面负责投资业务和平台管理工作,并牵头负责金融领域和企业软件和服务领域的投资。 吴海燕女士2006年加入华创资本,并曾于2008-2009年间加入华创资本投资的敦煌网,担任CEO助理,同时负责两个部门的业务。吴海燕女士于2010年回到华创资本,主导投资了同盾科技、铜板街、量化派、老虎证券、二维火、PingCAP、七幕人生、什么值得买、下厨房、ONE、Wish、Magmode名堂等公司。吴海燕女士毕业于清华大学工程物理系。 --- Copyright: 亿欧出品,视也 We dont own the copyright of this video. All rights belong to their rightful owners. Chinese website: English website: Follow our WeChat account: chinagrowthcapital"

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