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ErikTheElectric Howto-Style 2018-02-03 - 19:09:17

"THE FAST FOOD SUPERBOWL FEAST! (20,000+ CALORIES) Subscribe: | IG: Watch Carbsmas: Hi Everyone! In this video, I wanted to take on 20,000 CALORIES of traditional superbowl food. I also wanted to throw some fast food in the mix as well, so I did! I was very excited to upload this video the day BEFORE the superbowl, so thats why its not technically superbowl yet. So, you can all check it out a day EARLY! Be sure to let me know what you think down below! Follow Erik TheElectric: Second Channel: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: Twitch: Strava: Erik”TheElectric”Lamkin GamerTag: ErikTheElectric Watch More Erik TheElectric: Cheat Days: Restaurant Challenges: Popular Videos: Latest Uploads: Support The Channel on Patreon! ► ErikTalks on ITUNES! ► My Gym Playlist on SPOTIFY ► MY PODCASTS ON SOUNDCLOUD! ► My Equipment: My Camera ► My Lens ► My 2nd Camera ► **SEND ME STUFF!** P.O Box 803 420 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd San Marcos, CA 92079 About Erik TheElectric: Im Erik. Im more than just a face on your computer screen, stuffing stupid amounts of food in his mouth. Im a cyclist, powerlifter and fitness lover and am an individual with a passion for LIVING life to the fullest, in every way possible. Ive battled hardships in life, as well have, and I love connecting with those of you who have battled just as much as I have. This channel is primarily based around food challenges, reviews, and how AWESOME food it is. But its also a channel in which I get to share with you, my life. Through a camera lens. Quite recently, I started my own separate podcast channel (which is also on iTunes) which you can find down below. Thanks for the support and for the encouragement!"

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