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War Robots Clan War - VØX vs CDXX | 1.9 MILLION Damage with Variety Hangar

Adrian Chong Gaming 2018-10-15 - 11:00:08

"War Robots Clan War - VØX vs CDXX. Two high intensity games between clan VØX and CDXX. In the second game on Dead City I was able to achieve over 1.9 million damage - quite unusual for a clan battle especially if its between two strong Champion League clans. For those wondering why am I using the Spectre Storm... I wanted to try it out as Storms received a buff in the recent update. I also dont have enough Halos to run on a Pursuer so I took my Pursuer out of my lineup temporarily. Music provided by Frequency Track: Danell Arma - Gargantua Link: Track: ClearSky & Stino - Work It Link: Track name: FyMex - Skyfall Track link: Track: ELPORT - Upside Down (feat. Max Landry) Link: Track: Cadmium - Darkness (feat. Frances Leone) Link: Seum Dero Track name: Seum Deri & Kajaz - Alive Track link: Track name: Dawns - Hero Track link: New Robots Playlist: New Weapons Playlist: Test Server Playlist: Past Live Streams Playlist: Funny Builds Friday Playlist: Clan Games: Tutorials Playlist: This Year’s Videos: This Year’s Live Streams: This Year’s Test Servers: This Year’s Best Builds: Android Baby Account Videos: Android Baby Account Live Streams: Clan VØX Video Archive: Clan VØX Live Stream Archive: Like | Comment | Subscribe Facebook ❖ Instagram ❖ Twitter ❖ Twitch ❖ Merch ❖ Gaming equipment ❖ War Robots is developed by Pixonic Download War Robots for FREE! iOS: Android:"

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