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New Toy - Owon SDS7102V Oscilloscope

MakerComputing Science-Technology 2012-06-16 - 11:03:39

"So... I got an oscilloscope. Its an Owon SDS7102V 100 MHz, 1 GS/s, 2-channel, 10 Mpt digital storage oscilloscope. This video is an overview of the oscilloscope which shows some of the features and functionality of it. I didnt really mean for this to be a in-depth review, but I ended up showing almost all of the oscilloscopes functions. This is the first oscilloscope I have ever used and owned, so I may get some of the terminology wrong and Im not sure how to use all of the features. It seems to be a perfectly capable oscilloscope, but I have no experience with any other oscilloscope to make any comparisons. If anything, this is a showoff video and/or a supplement to the existing reviews on YouTube. Thanks! Link to article explaining how much scope bandwidth is needed to accurately capture a signal:"

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