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(エイトマン, 8 Man Episdoe55 Super human mutant prequel EnglishSubtitles

Skull Truth People-Blogs 2016-10-28 - 03:48:20

" 8 Man (Eitoman) is, Kazumasa Hirai and Jiro Kuwata (now Jiro Kuwata Japan of by) SF manga , and Japan has been produced on the basis of the same work SF anime , and appearing in their hero is the name of the . Cartoon version of Weekly Shonen Magazine ( Kodansha in) 1963 from No. 20 in 1965 was serialized to No. 13. TV anime in 1963 November 8, from 1964 December 31, 2008 until the TBS series stations broadcast in. All 56 episodes. The representation of the cartoon version of numbers containing 8 Man is a representation of the TV cartoon version of all katakana Eitoman i In Japan, the characters origin actually varies significantly between the original manga, the TV series, and the live-action movie. In the original Japanese manga and TV series, the characters name does not change when he is reborn as 8 Man. The Detective Yokoda name was created for the live-action version. In the manga, Detective Azuma is trapped in a warehouse and gunned down, while the TV series has him killed when he is run over by a car. Also, in the Japanese story, the character is called 8 Man because he is considered an extra member of the Japanese police force. There are seven regular police precincts and 8 Man is treated as an unofficial eighth precinct all to himself. iDONTOWNEDTHECOPYRIGHT"

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