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Jeff Walker From Dawn, Texas Visits Amarillo Hut For Friday Freebie To Win Indian Mango Lassi.

Jabeen Indian Kitchen Party Hall Events Center People-Blogs 2014-06-29 - 19:52:56

"The Amarillo Hut team meets our Friday Freebie Winner, Jeff Walker from Dawn, Texas who was treated to our popular Mango Lassi smoothie, our exotic Indian Lychee Juice, and our famous samosas. Thank you Jeff, and all those who participated in our Friday Freebie Contest. Stay tuned in for more details regarding this weeks upcoming Friday Freebie Contest. We appreciate our Amarillo Hut fans and followers who have continued to show their support, interest, and excitement - a big thank you from the Amarillo Hut team. We hope you have a great weekend, that is happy, healthy, safe, and successful. Amarillo Hut. Indian Restaurant. Affordable And Authentic Indian Cuisine. Indian Dishes And Drinks. Each Meal Under $10, With A Free 16 Oz Soft Drink - That Includes The Price With Tax. Freshly Prepared. Healthy. Legendary Customer Service. Chicken Tikka & Mango Lassi. Call (806) 576-3400. Our team is dedicated to providing Affordable and Authentic Indian Cuisine to the Amarillo community, the Panhandle area, and those who visit us. We are Amarillo Hut, we are affordable - Each Meal Under $10, With A Free 16 Oz Soft Drink. Not only is the food at Amarillo Hut affordable, but we are working hard to make your dishes and drinks freshly prepared, healthy, and undeniably delicious. We have a well-oiled system in place to have you in and out of our restaurant for takeout and patio dining, to help save you both time and money, for a fast food experience that defies the ordinary and exceeds your expectations -- with food that is fast, but food that is freshly prepared and healthy, and food that is served with legendary customer service. We are a locally owned, family run restaurant -- we know what family means and when you visit us, we will treat you like family. Freshly Prepared. Healthy. Legendary Customer service. Chicken Tikka & Mango Lassi. Call (806) 576-3400. We are excited to provide high quality Indian food at an affordable price to serve our signature dish of authentic Indian Chicken Tikka, provide cool and refreshing authentic handmade beverages for the hot summer days such as our popular signature drink of gluten free Indian Mango Lassi, and provide steaming hot beverages for the cold winter days such as our signature handmade drink of gluten free Indian Chai. We will be serving both traditional Indian vegetarian dishes and traditional Indian meat dishes, as we are providing affordable and authentic Indian food. Treat yourself to Chicken Tikka, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Curry, Basmati Rice, Beef Seekh Kabab, Raita, Kebab, Naans, Beef Shawarama (GYRO), Aloo Kabab Burger, Green Chutney, Daal, Aloo Curry, Punjabi Choley, Aloo Ke Parathey, Samosa, Kheer (Rice Pudding), Mango Lassi, Hot Indian Tea (Chai)/Chai Tea, Ice Tea, and Soft drink 32 oz. We will also be providing authentic Indian bottled beverages, such as Mango and Lychee Juice. We are located at, 4201 Bushland Blvd Amarillo, Texas 79106 (close to Sam Houston Middle School, Tascosa High School, Tascosa Country Club, AACAL High School, Route 66, and Interstate 40). Please call (806) 576-3400, email, and check out our website for more details. Please like us on Facebook, for Friday Freebie contests, updates, alerts, and savings around the corner. Whether you are a high school student on a budget, an accomplished professional, or someone driving through Amarillo to visit, we would appreciate the opportunity to soon serve you affordable and authentic Indian food that will be affordable, healthy, fast, and a friendly experience for you. We hope to soon see you to serve you affordable and authentic Indian food, whether you live in the area of Bishop Hills, Palisades, Timbercreek Canyon, Lake Tanglewood, The Colonies, Greenways, West Hills -- wherever you are, we hope to soon see you and serve you delicious Indian food. We hope to soon see our friends from Amarillo, Canyon, Dumas, Zita, Cliffside, Soncy, Julliard, Folsom, Pullman, Bishop Hills, Fritch, Borger, Claude, Gluck, Gentry, Lake Tanglewood, Palisades, Timbercreek Canyon, Saint Francis, Chunky, Bushland, Washburn, Childress, Memphis, and more. The Amarillo Hut team is both lucky and blessed that the community constantly leaves positive feedback about the delicious taste of our authentic high quality Indian dishes and drinks, affordable pricing, and our legendary customer service. We want to give a big shout of appreciation to all our current customers and our future customers that have given us and will give us the opportunity to serve them Affordable And Authentic Indian Cuisine. Thank You! Hope this message finds you happy, healthy, safe, and successful. Warm Well Wishes From The Amarillo Hut Team. Thanks In Advance."

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