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TOP 5 YouTubers Who CAUGHT GHOSTS In Their Videos! (WolfieRaps, vJamahh, Marissa Rachel, BFvsGF)

Extreme Trends Gaming 2017-01-20 - 22:03:00

"YouTubers Who Caught Ghosts: Here are the top 5 youtubers who caught ghosts in their youtube video. These 5 youtubers caught ghosts on camera including demons and poltergeists while they were vlogging a youtube video. Some of the youtubers included are wolfieraps, vjamahh, marissa rachel, bfvsgf, mark apsolon, stomedy and more. Original Videos: The Haunting Tape 04 (ghost caught on video) | Charlie Charlie Pencil Game Real Scary Demon Or Ghost Caught on Tape | CHALLENGE GONE WRONG | The Haunting Tape 5 (ghost caught on video) | Scary Paranormal Activity. Intense Poltergeist Activity Caught on Video | Exploring Joe Weller’s Mental Asylum *EVIL SPIRIT PROOF* | SCARY GHOST SIGHTING CAUGHT ON TAPE!! | I Caught A Ghost In My YouTube Video!!! + PROOF! | GHOST CAUGHT WHILE SLEEPING + PROOF!!! | YouTubers That Caught Ghosts in Videos | REAL GHOST VIDEO! Charlie Charlie Pencil Game Gone Wrong Real Poltergeist Ghost Caught On Tape | ► 1) SUBSCRIBE! ► 2) Comment I SUBSCRIBED!!! ► 3) Follow Me Background music - Thank you for watching and make sure to subscribe for more top 5, top 10 videos! I hope you enjoyed these top 10 youtubers who caught ghosts on camera."

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