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Solo 100,000+ Score Nightfall - The Corrupted (164.733 Points) [Destiny 2 Forsaken]

Esoterickk Gaming 2018-09-27 - 18:54:11

"Destiny 2 Forsaken - Solo 100k+ Nightfall Score in The Corrupted Nightfall (164.733 Points). Just a video showing the new strike The Corrupted while hitting the 100k threshold score solo. I ran a 60 Handicap, Solar Singe, Grenadier, Match Game and Momentum. There are so many enemies and points to be had in this strike! Pretty straight forward run again for this week, couldve went with a smaller handicap but wanted to keep it at so I was at the same level as the strike considering Im 600 now. Can easily achieve the 100k in this strike with a group, and running more negative modifiers / no Grenadier as well. But for the solo this setup worked really well. As always, will do the other 2 nightfalls this week as well a little later in the week. Want to do some more stuff in The Shattered Throne, but will get the nightfalls done also :) My PC setup is nothing too crazy at all, but the specs are: i7-8700, GTX 1070, 16GB DDR4-3000 Ram, 256GB SSD, 2TB HDD. Allows me to run max settings at constant 60FPS while recording. Which is about all I need for now :) ================== LINKS/SOCIAL: ================== YouTube: Twitter: Twitch: Patreon: Donations: (Disclaimer: Any funds received as a donation or tip are not in exchange for goods or services. They will provide no additional perks and are purely as a means to help support the channel. I am very thankful for your viewership and I do appreciate if you do decide to tip, but it is by no means required. Before tipping or donating, please consider that your tips/donations are non-refundable)."

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