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10 Crazy Conspiracies That Turned Out to be True

TopTenz Entertainment 2018-01-25 - 16:30:00

"Check out our New Biography Channel: Conspiracy theories will always fire up the imaginations of even the most reasonable of us. It’s fascinating to imagine a bunch of people in a dark room, controlling actions from their chairs and encouraging events that change the course of the world, with no one truly being the wiser. Now, most conspiracy theories are flimsy nonsense that are obviously full of holes and not true at all. However, some conspiracy theories have more truth than most people would ever imagine. In some situations, there really was a group of people in a dark room conspiring to massively pull the wool over the eyes of others, in order to change the course of the world. →Subscribe for new videos every day! Help us translate our videos: - Learn more why you might want to help: Find more lists at: Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: Business inquiries to Other TopTenz Videos: Are These 10 Things Actually Possible? Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Placebo Effect Text version: Coming up: 10. The US Government Once Planned A False Flag Operation Against Their Own People 9. President Woodrow Wilson’s Wife Ran The Presidency For Over A Year 8. HAARP Is Not A Weather Control Device, But Massive Weather Control Has Been Attempted 7. The United States Government Has Experimentally Poisoned US Cities Multiple Times 6. There Is Some Small Truth To The Beliefs People Have In Government Spraying Chemtrails 5. The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln Was Not Just One Crazy Actor Acting Alone 4. During Vietnam The US Government Fabricated An Attack To Gain Support For War 3. The US Government Deliberately Poisoned Alcohol During Prohibition To Discourage Use 2. Joseph McCarthy’s Methods Were Wrong, But He Was More Right Than People Realize 1. The MLB May Have Changed The Baseballs For The 2017 World Series Source/Further reading:"

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