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Mississauga: Fireman injured while battling house fire 3-6-2017

The 4K Guy - Fire / Police / EMS News-Politics 2017-03-07 - 06:21:21

"We buy and sell videos! Like us on At 3h pm yesterday Mississauga fire crews were called at the scene of a house fire on Terragar Blvd east of Black Walnut Trail in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. One fireman was injured and was helped by other firemen to meet paramedics who then transported him into an ambulance. His injuries seem to be originating in the right leg and it was later confirmed that he suffered an injury to the lower body. Pets were also rescued when a fire fighter was seen carrying a pet cage out of the house on fire. Multiple police vehicles were on scene taking care of a large crowd control. At least two other residents walked into an awaiting ambulance with minor smoke inhalation. Flames heavily damaged the house at one point burning through the structure of the roof. Firemen used a water canon off of a truck to douse the fire and conducted an interior attack as well. At mark 8:20 crews seem to react to the radio-transmitted information of a possible injured fire fighter and start running towards the right side of the house. Four paramedics then made their way closer to the scene before two went back to get a stretcher. At the 9:15 mark the injured fire fighter is seen being helped by two others side by side away from the house on fire and towards the back of a firetruck. © The 4K Guy 2017 - To license this video in 4K (3840 x 2160) contact us at / 1-800-208-3340 and follow us: Website: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram:"

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