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Mr Sunday Movies Entertainment 2018-05-06 - 12:32:27

"The trailers from Avengers Infinity War showed a bunch of scenes that were missing or deleted from the final film. This video covers that as well as early concept art, a potential return from the Hulk in the battle of Wakanda, hiding Thors new eye and ae, a crossover with Marvel TV that may have happened and more! Thanks for watching. Visit and enter the discount code MRSUNDAY to receive 25% off your order when you buy 2 or more shirts Time Codes Trailer Misdirects: 1:16 Unfinished Effects: 3:31 Censored Scenes: 4:00 Deleted Scenes: 4:30 Early Concept Art: 10:34 SUBSCRIBE HERE ►► Avengers Infinity War Easter Eggs ► Avengers Unanswered Questions ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Patreon ► T-Shirts/Merch ► The Weekly Planet iTunes ► The Weekly Planet YouTube ► The Weekly Planet Direct Download ►"

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