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OMEGA GOES TO JAIL - A Fortnite Short Film

NewScapePro - Fortnite Shorts, Films and Skits Gaming 2018-07-05 - 15:00:03

"►OUR SECOND CHANNEL! (MORE FORTNITE SHORTS!!) - ►CHECK OUT OUR MERCH STORE! - SAVE A TOMATO IN NEED! BUY OUR MERCH! If you enjoyed this Fortnite Short, please comment telling us what youd like to see next! Dont forget to like, comment, subscribe and share to show your support for this channel! Follow me here & here for all sorts of cool stuff! ►MORE FORTNITE SHORTS: ►STORE: 👕👚🕶 ►TWITTER: 🐤 ►INSTAGRAM: 📸 ►FACEBOOK: 📘 •Shootzki - •JonJon - •UniComics - •Cheezybreezi - Follow me here & here for all sorts of cool stuff! ►STORE: 👕👚🕶 ►TWITTER: 🐤 ►INSTAGRAM: 📸 ►FACEBOOK: 📘 At the Fortnite Prison, Noir brings Omega in for processing. Noire and Leviathan have some hearty chuckles before Noire informs Omega of the Prison’s upgrades. Instead of having a low security prison that just runs on an honor system, they have upgraded to a high security prison! There is no way that Omega will be able to escape from here. Regardless, Noir passes Omega off to Sleuth, his arch nemesis. Sleuth and Noir, or Sloth and O’Malley, reminisce on the past and catching eachother with their wives for a bit before Noir leaves. Sleuth shows Omega around the prison and locks him in his cell where he will stand for the next 40 or so years. In the prison cafeteria, Omega is sifting through his few options for lunch, when he notices all of the inmates staring at him. Rapscallion and Scoundrel take note of the new fresh meat on the market before Omega sits down with Sash Sergeant. Sash Sergeant asks Omega about how he got locked up, before informing him that Scoundrel looks like hes going to try to shank him. Omega is trembling in fear. He wasn’t meant for prison! Whats Omega supposed to do if he tries to shank him? Will Omega be able to escape the high security Fortnite prison? Will Scoundrel and Rapscallion try to shank Omega? Will Sash Sergeant help Omega survive his stay at the prison? Watch to find out!"

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