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Me vs Rin Orin Kaenbyou (SA Stage 5 Boss-Normal)

raak1010 Gaming 2009-05-18 - 04:02:31

"Man, carrying off corpses is fun! A video of me fighting and defeating the blazing cat of Hell, Rin Orin Kaenbyou High Quality (Highly recommended): Orin Kaenbyou (because a nonexistent Rin is enough to change her name) is the Stage 5 boss of the game Subterranean Animism, the 11th installment of the Touhou Project. The Touhou Project is a series of danmaku shooters that gets progressively more difficult for no apparent reason. For more info, check the wiki at the end of the description. Not much to say about her. I originally didnt like Orin (or SA for that matter) but the more I played, the more she grew on me and now, while not a favorite by any mean, she is a very likable character. Cant say the same for Alice Margatroid though, I just plain despise her. The fact that Orin is Okuus best friend makes it better. However, just like Okuu, I dont really enjoy fighting her. Is not that her fight is not enjoyable, is that is HARD. Damnit ZUN, why did you suddenly decided that the already difficult Touhou series was too accessible for the common player? Atonement Needle Mountain of a Former Hell is NOT a fun spellcard. Just like Satori, this is by no mean my best run against Stage 5 boss Orin, but it is one of my best against the stage, especially against midboss Orin. Yes, even if I died because I teleported into a bullet, this is one of my best run. Sad, but true. Fun fact: -Rin is her real name, but fans and everybody else and their mother and their mothers mother call her Orin because there is another Rin in the series... or at least there was suppose to be another Rin. - She has both cat ears and human ears (or so it seems.) More info about the Touhou series can be found in this wiki page:"

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