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एक साथ कैसे 100 कौरवों को दिया था जन्म गांधारी ने?जानिए यह रहस्य मयी कहानी

PMV - NEWS News-Politics 2018-01-28 - 06:50:22

"हिन्दी में अधिक समाचार के लिए क्लिक करे -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There have been many such issues in the Mahabharata, which have been kept secret even today, in the scriptures associated with the battle of Crusade between Kauravas and Pandavas. One such secret is the birth of Kaurava? It is a miracle that a mother gave birth to 100 sons together. This is a mystery which many people do not know about. First of all, let us tell you that the birth of Gandharis birth of 100 Kauravas is not a natural birth event, but an incident that is an example of ancient mysterious science of India. Before you tell us about the birth of 100 Virgo, first of all you know who was the mother of Gandhari who gave birth to them. Gandhari, Gandhar was the daughter of Raja Subal of the country. His name was Gandhari, due to his birth in the country of Gandhara. Tell us that Gandhar is today a part of Afghanistan, which is still known as Kandahar. You must know that Mahabharats most famous character Shakuni was a Gandharis brother. After the marriage of Shakuni Gandhari, they started living with them. The marriage of Gandhari came from Maharaj Dhritarashtra of Hastinapur. Because Dhritarashtra was blind, therefore, Gadadhari has kept his eye on his whole life. Because of her husband, Gandhari was like a lifelong blind person. King Dhritarashtra and Gandhari had 100 sons, whom we today know as the Kauravas. But, the birth of these 100 sons is the most horrific event in history, which you may not even know about. Maharani Gandhari was a woman of extremely religious instincts. Delighted by the service of Gandhari, Maharishi Vedavas gave him the blessing of being the mother of 100 sons. According to the Maharishi Vedavya Varadhan, she became pregnant, but for some days it came to know that she had one womb but not one in 100 of her womb. Its Avala, where normal pregnancies are for 9 months, Gandhari remained pregnant for two years. After 24 months even when Gandhari did not deliver, he decided to drop this pregnancy. Gandhari had aborted his child, then a body of iron like iron turned out, and he was nervous. It is believed that Maharshi Vedavas was also watching this whole incident at that time. As soon as he heard about abortion, he asked Hastinapur and sprinkled a special type of water on the meat body emanated from the womb of the Queen. According to the belief, after splitting water on the body, the body of the flesh became 101 pieces. Maharishi then asked Gandhari to put these meat pots in ghee filled 101 ponds and keep it for two years. After spending two years, Gandhari opened the Ghee Kundo. It is said that Duryodhana was born on the first of which Gandhari had opened. Similarly, Gandhari opened the rest of the 100 grandsons and everyone was born to a son, one of whom was a daughter. The daughters name was misery. It is said that after birth, Duryodhana began to rake like a donkey. The pundits and astrologers who saw that this child will destroy the total. Astrologers had asked for the sacrifice of Duryodhana, but the constrained daughter could not do it. After this, you know how 100 Kauras were killed at the hands of 5 Pandavas."

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