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Top 10 ADVANCED FIDGET SPINNER TRICKS (Amazing Pro Stunts with Spinners EDC) + GIVEAWAY!

IncredibleScience Film-Animation 2017-05-15 - 20:00:01

"Top 10 BEST FIDGET SPINNER TRICKS is a video of all the best and hardest fidget spinners tricks that I came up with. In my opinion these are the hardest spinner tricks and some of these hand spinner tricks took forever to land. Its definitel easier to do some of the edc hand spinenr tricks with certains spinners expcially ones with large caps but I just used a regular tri arm fidget spinner for all of these tricks I guess thats just the spinner that Im used to. So enjoy and let me know which was your favorite fidget spinner trick! There are so many fidget spinners videos out there from spinner tricks to stephen sharer video customizing a lamborghini to the Funk Bros and Tanner Fox and everyone it seems! But this is the biggest fidget spinner liquid nitrogen video that Ive seen so I hope you enjoy it! Dont forget to subscribe to the VLOG channel for FREE STAY INCREDIBLE Merch!! Links Below! I do a giveaway every day for a Stay Incredible hand spinner and a Stay Incredible Pop Socket! New Giveaway and New Video every day at 4PM EST! ★ VLOGS: ★ MAIN CHANNEL: AWESOME PLAYLISTS! Fidget Spinner Playlist: Super Cool Water Experiments Playlist: Orbeez and Polymers Playlist! Liquid Nitrogen Playlist: WATCH MY OTHER INJECTING ORBEEZ VIDEO: WATER BALZ JUMBO PART 2: Have fun watching and please subscribe! Check out my vlog channel too! Ive also taken a gel bath or Gelli Bath Gelli Baff and also a Slime Bath with CJ my baby boy. I even took an ORBEEZ bath with him! So please check out those videos we had ALOT of fun making them!! PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO AND DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! SLIME BATH VIDEO DAD AND SON: GELLI BATH VIDEO DAD AND SON: ORBEEZ BATH DAD AND SON: Check out some of my other 1000 Degree Knife Vs. Videos! EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE AND SAMURAI SWORD VS DRY ICE 🔥❄️ EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS Christmas 🔥 STAY INCREDIBLE! Please SUBSCRIBE and help me reach my goal of 1 Million Subscribers before next January 2018! 1) Contest Rules: Anyone can win! under 18 can enter with parents permission! The first person that correctly comments when the time I say the special word of the day wins. No edited comments are accepted. Earliest correct unedited comment wins. Max 3 prizes in 60 day period. 2) Youtube Community Guidelines: 3) YouTube is not a sponsor of your contest and by entering you release YouTube from any and all liability related to this contest. 4) Privacy Policy: We do not store any personal information. We only ask for name and address in the event you win a prize. I post new videos often and a new video EVERY day on the vlog channel! so, if you liked this video and want more like this then SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT on what you want to see next! email: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Filmed on the Canon G7X2 and Canon70D: MUSIC BY: EPIDEMICSOUND.COM"

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