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Back to school/back into gear (part five, final)!

Diane in Denmark Howto-Style 2018-08-10 - 08:10:10

"Join me on Instagram! My entire video collection Diane in Denmark – I’m here to be your cheerleader! Are you ready to get organized? I love using the Flylady and Getting Things Done systems! Recipes and crafts Denmark and Hygge! Bahookie Camp for a new, improved you! Christmas/the Holidays My own Flylady story From Chaos to Clean! I will hold your hand for the 31 days of the Flylady’s Babysteps! Building a wardrobe/clothes declutter Declutter (How to start, how to keep going) Using the magic timer! How long does it take to do laundry/ironing/unload the dishwasher? Working in the Flylady Zones (cleaning, decluttering, missions) LOL! (Loads of laundry…) My Flylady Routines My Morning Routine My Evening Routine Making a Flylady Control Journal Question and Answer Time Flylady’s Weekly Home Blessing Hour Routines - The Seven Day Challenge Virtual 5 Day Retreat, Flylady style 40 Day Declutter Challenge Getting started on difficult days - TOTH (Top of the Hour, Jedi Mind Trick)"

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