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David Blaine - Magician - So Graham Norton - July 1998 -

MagicWeek Entertainment 2016-06-10 - 23:19:18

"David Blaine - Magician - So Graham Norton - July 1998. From The MagicWeek Video Archive In the 1990s the TV magic being produced in the USA had become tired and dated. The Worlds Greatest Magic series (1994-1998) did feature some excellent performers, but most were better suited to live work - on television the glossy bigger is better production swamped the acts - there was little for the audience to relate to. Magic needs time and space to breath; for it to make a proper connection with its audience. Then along came a dude. A magic dude. David Blaine. He was laid-back, low key, understated. The antithesis of what had gone before. He really understood magic and stripped it back to its essence. And magic changed forever. DT."

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