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lezbeepic Entertainment 2018-02-21 - 21:00:00

"That damned Son Goku. How many times is he going to surpass his limits?! MUSIC: Hadouken! - Levitate (Koven Remix) SUPPORT KOVEN: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SUPPORT HADOUKEN!: Order Hadoukens new album & limited edition merch bundles: Order Every Weekend on iTunes, here: Order Levitate - Single on iTunes, here: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: TUMBLR: Roshi Art: Do you want to be part of my next MEP? Subscribe to lezbeepic2: Part 1: lezbeepic (0:00 - 0:06) Part 2: AfraKTK (0:06 - 0:20) Afra, thank you for your amazing effort. I can tell how much time you put in your part. Its an amazing start to the MEP. For next time, sometimes less is more, dont overthink it. Part 3: Corey1685 (0:20 - 0:41) What can I say besides that youre very talented. I really dont know that much about you, and to be honest, I really underestimated your skills. You rock. Part 4: NightShade (0:41 - 1:01) Night, I dont know why I ever doubted you. You are a gift, you are one of the best things about my Discord server. Youre skilled and youre a great learner. Keep it up. Part 5: Shadicti (1:01 - 1:14) Shad old friend, I know you werent completely satisfied with this part. I dont see why you dont like it. You should be more confident. I hope you overcome whatever hardships you face in your life. Part 6: SV01 (1:14 - 1:28) YOU ARE A GOD. In my opinion, you are the best editor out there. Uncontested skill but also very humble. Truly an honor to have you in the MEP Part 7: Meda (1:28 - 1:41) I dont know you that well but I love your style. Everything about your part just works. Thank you ever so much for joining. Part 8: Mafec333 (1:41 - 1:55) Best AE editor ever. I see the effort, I appreciate that very much. SKILLED AND HARDWORKING. Part 9: Arto (1:55 - 2:08) In every sense of the word you are a prodigy. You are good at everything, but you can also GET good at anything. I look up to that. Im beyond grateful you came back to do this part for me. Thank you. Part 10: Zerk (2:08 - 2:22) Your style is different but it works. We gotta get that battle going with JGZ. You might take me over one day if you keep working hard. Part 11: Drabaz Doug (2:22 - 2:35) Drabaz, thank you. I know that due to personal reasons you werent able to give a 100%. But still, you finished your part, on time. Nothing but respect for you. Like I said before, you are an icon in the community. Your storytelling is legendary. Part 12: YC61 (2:35 - 2:56) Ive known you from the start. You had more subs and views than me. I dont know what happened. I may be bigger, but not better. Part 13: lezbeepic (2:56 - 3:19) Part 14: GoWish (3:19 - 3:30) If theres one person I wish more wealth its you. You out did yourself with this part, I can honestly say Im proud. Part 15: YC61 (3:30 - 3:44) Part 16: Shiy (3:44 - 3:50) I dont know you at all, but your part is awesome and youre super mature about splitting a part. A pleasure to have you. Part 17: SE01 (3:50 - 3:57) Pretty much the same story as Shiy, thanks for joining bro. Awesome part. Part 18: TopDbzVines (3:57 - 4:10) King of Instagram? Hell yea. Badass. Part 19: DBZ33Q (4:10 - 4:24) Where do I start? You were THE channel I looked up to when starting, youre a true legend. You actually make full AMVs where EVERY second counts and is special. Im beyond happy to have you on this MEP Part 20: JGZ (4:24 - 4:38) Bro, I love you man. I wish you the best, because you are the best. PEOPLE DONT SEE YOUR SKILL AND TALENT AND THAT MAKES ME MAD."

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