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[興奮と悲しみ] キングダムハーツ3 アクア闇堕ち編 海外の反応 [Link in Description ] Reaction E3 2018

青ヒゲ AOHIGE Gaming 2018-06-26 - 07:22:01

"海外の反応をまとめて編集してみました Support the Youtubers reacting on this video by subscribing to their channels Special thanks to Reactors 動画内の配信者一覧 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- VoltEditzz TheGamersJoint Teysinds Gaming Spot SkywardWing Hayley Sette Yousei Boo Suzy Lu Samurai Kibiji Ricardo _ Ndukauba LimitForm72 Kupo Key Gamer Khux Nation keybladesarah JustVember Jessie_K_ GeorgieTalks Final Fantasy Peasant EdDaWiz DTM ShadowSlayer CocoDreamy Annie Lara AfroSenju XL"

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