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My Crush REACTS To Old INSTAGRAM PHOTOS **FUNNY** 📷 💕| Piper Rockelle

Piper Rockelle Entertainment 2019-01-12 - 16:00:19

"Shalom guys! Hope your day is great but better watching my crush react to my old Instagram photos! It’s really funny but a little embarrassing too! My “crush” Gavin Magnus and I react to each other’s old Instagram photos. Some are good photos, some are embarrassing photos, some are funny photos and other’s are just plain cringe! My dog Frank of course thinks everything is boring! After reacting, I challenge Gavin to recreate a couple of my Instagram photos. He even wears one of my dresses! Who had the better Instagram photos the Boys, or the Girls? Would you be embarrassed if your crush saw some of your old photos? Comment below. Check out my last video RIGHT HERE: 11 YEAR OLD BELLY PIERCED (Can’t Say No 24 Hour Challenge) Check out my Tik Tok reaction video here: Last To Leave *FREEZING* ICE POOL Wins $10,000 CHALLENGE Editor/Hunter: Gavin Magnus: #react #funny #instagram -------------------- Follow Piper Rock-elle: Twitter: Instagram:"

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