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Sunday Suspense | Himadri Kishore Dasgupta | Aankar Khata | আঁকার খাতা | Mirchi Bangla | Mirchi 98.3

Mirchi Bangla Entertainment 2018-07-29 - 07:23:30

"ছোটবেলায় নিশ্চই ছবি এঁকেছেন | এটা কোনোদিন ভেবেছেন মানুষ মৃত্যুর আগে যে ছবি গুলো আঁকে তার কতটা তাৎপর্য? Mirchi 98.3 presents Himadri Kishore Dasguptas Aankar Khata exclusively on Sunday Suspense. Introduction : Agni Narrator, Michrilal and Aniket Babu: Deep Neelabha: Agni Poritosh: Altamash Background music and special effects: Soumya and Subho Episode Direction: Team Sunday Suspense Overall Direction: Indrani Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe Us : Like us on Facebook What did you think of this story? Leave us a comment and subscribe to our channel for more. Share it with your friends who cant tune in on the radio!"

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