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War Robots - #WRGROUPHUG Challenge

FOGGY1GAMING WAR ROBOTS Gaming 2018-11-15 - 16:04:47

"Hey there it’s Tony with Foggy1Gaming, coming at you with an Novembers announcement for the War Robots #WRGroupHug Challenge. CONTEST OPENS November 1st and ENDS on November 30th WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED FIRST WEEK OF December! PRIZE: CHOICE OF BOT & WEAPON and a 40 MILLION SILVER & 2000 GOLD BONUS! CHALLENGE REQUIREMENTS Were looking for videos showcasing your best brawling with bots at close range. A very simple and brutal theme this month. Video footage must be new footage and not used before, and can come from any league, any map, and any game mode! Now that you have your game footage recorded you need to create the best video possible and upload it to YouTube. Even if you’re not great at making videos give it your best shot. Remember, this is a video creators challenge, and everyone out there can learn to be a good video maker and YouTuber with a little practice! If an old guy like me can do it... So can you! Duration of your video can be what-ever is necessary to showcase your skills on the field. High quality montage - compilation style videos are highly encouraged. Make and Post as MANY videos as you like, just make sure they are best quality videos! After you upload the video to YouTube, you need to do the following. The title of your video must include “War Robots #WRGROUPHUG Challenge In the written description of your video you must include the following. Player ID, Platform you play on and Your Bot and Weapon Prize Selection. EXAMPLE: 123abc, android, bulwark & exodus Once you get that done, publish your video, and make sure list it as public so it can be found. Feel free to leave a link to your video here in the comments portion of this announcement. Please, however do not spam links on other videos here or on other YouTubes Videos. OK time for some important challenge rules and regulations. Of course, not everyone who enters into this contest will win a prize. Best Quality Videos stand a better chance at winning. So make sure to do the best work you can when putting your videos together. Best quality means putting real effort into your video creations, like creating montage style videos, commentary videos, putting creative thumbnails, and adding entertaining intros and outros to your creation. It DOES NOT mean that best quality devices and gear will always win. Hard work shows at all levels! The Highest Quality Videos may be selected for feature on Pixonic’s social media outlets. BUT this does not necessarily mean a prize has been awarded to those video creators. Prize winners will be announced after the Challenge Closes, in an announcement video on this Channel. Prize winners selected can expect to receive their awards in 3-4 weeks after the winner’s announcement is published. Be patient it does take time to award individual prizes. If you need some tips or ideas on video creation, come on over to the War Robots Videos for Content Creators Group. That should cover it. Time to turn you BOT JOCKEYS loose. I can’t wait to see what you all upload this month and submit. Time to let the BATTLE BEGIN and show your #WRGROUPHUG CHANNEL SCHEDULE! Subscribe and turn your notifications on. I typically post 3-4 videos per week. SOCIAL MEDIA SITES GAME CREDIT to PIXONIC GAMES CHANNEL SCHEDULE! Subscribe and turn your notifications on. I typically post up to 3-4 videos per week. SOCIAL MEDIA SITES GAME CREDIT to PIXONIC GAMES MUSIC CREDITS Music Provided by The YouTube Free Music Library! (Rock and Country Genre) Also by NCS and Ninety9 Lives Free Music. Intro and Outro Music Credits to - YouTube Free Music Library"

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