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IT - Official Trailer 1 Reaction! (NOPE!)

XC Entertainment 2017-08-02 - 19:00:03

"We are back with the IT Official Trailer 1 reaction, and once again Mooks (coulrophobic) sucks it up and reacts to the trailer with us! This movie is suiting up to be the horror movie everybody needs to go out and see, as both trailer have been equally creepy! #ITtrailer INFO/DETAILS FOR OUR FIRST SUBSCRIBER CONTEST!! As always, if you clicked cuz of the KKK in our title on some racist shit, get THE FUCK OUT! Or maybe just stay, and get over that PETTY SHIT! Make sure to check out the entire X-plicit catalog and if you enjoy our shit then throw us some likes, converse with us in the comments, tell your friends, and subscribe so you dont miss our content! Our PLAYLISTS Are More Organized Now! What type of videos you want? Movie Reviews: Try Not To Laugh Challenge Reactions: Hip-Hop Reviews: Weird Trailer Reactions: Or You want Serious Issues Talked About:"

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