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Final Fantasy VIII w/HD Mods (PC/Steam) - Odin

FatedCourage Gaming 2017-09-05 - 04:43:05

"Figured we could take on Odin and see how he looks. Yeah, Angelo needs some work for sure. And Im aware of something that needs fixing with Project AngelWing here. Pretty obvious. Haha. Enjoy. Mods used: Roses and Wine by DLPB: Additional audio packs by DarkMatta and Dr_Jun_Manabe: Tonberry v2.04 by Omzy, JeMaCheHi, and maverick: SeeD Reborn v3.5 by Mcindus: Tripod v1.1 by Mcindus: FF8 Controller Buttons by Mcindus: Project AngelWing v1.0 by FatedCourage: HorizonPack v3.0 by Mcindus: BattleFieldPack v2.0 by Mcindus and FatedCourage w/others: Lunar Cry v1.5 by Mcindus: Apocalypse v1.2 by FatedCourage: Rebirth Flame v1.3 by Shunsq, Mortael, and FatedCourage w/ textures provided by Magochocobo and edits by Devina (weapon textures from Crestian, Mortael, and FatedCourage): Project Hellfire v1.2 by Mcindus: HD FMV Replacement by zwuw: Unofficial Bad UV Texture Patch by MaKiPL: GeDoSaTo Downsampling Config v2.2 by Mcindus: Additional Mods: Hard Mode and Add-ons Launcher by Mcindus:"

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