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CINEMATIC or ANAMORPHIC aspect ratio 2.39:1 in 16:9 video? (1 minute tutorial #3) FREE DOWNLOAD!

Orange83 Film-Animation 2017-03-09 - 00:13:10

"Create black bars, a CINEMATIC or ANAMORPHIC LOOK (aspect ratio 2.39:1 in a 16:9 video)? There are a lot of ways to actually make footage with that aspect ratio, but you could also fake this by adding a transparent .png file or overlay over your 16:9 aspect ratio footage. This creates the anamorphic LOOK. I have made a file for you to download, so no need to create it in Photoshop, and NO plug-ins required! WARNING! You should only use this overlay if you want to create a anamorphic LOOK for some shots in a 16:9 movie. DO NOT use a letterbox overlay FOR YOUR ENTIRE MOVIE. In that case change the aspect ratio of your sequence and export to the desired aspect ratio (1920x812, for example). Otherwise if this video is ever viewed on an ultrawide display, your video will be a tiny box in the center and it looks terrible! ---------------------------- ▶Get Premiere Pro CC now: ---------------------------- Please consider to support me : You can also vote for new videos on patreon! ---------------------------- ▶FREE downloadlink for the overlay preset on my website: ---------------------------- I will post video editing tutorials weekly, so please subscribe my channel, STAY TUNED! ▶Follow me on twitter: ▶Follow me on Facebook: ▶Visit my new website ================== Search tags: premiere pro black bars effect tutorial premiere pro anamorphic tutorial premiere pro cinematic aspect ratio CRT premiere pro tutorial effects cinematic aspect ratio premiere pro cs6 tutorial cinematic aspect ratio premiere pro cs6 tutorial anamorphic adobe premiere pro cs6 anamorphic premiere pro cs6 video effects VFX Premiere pro for dummies Premierepro tutorial anamorphic Premierepro effect anamorphic 239:1 240:1 Premierepro effects interlaced CRT Premiere pro overlay effect anamorphic anamorphic overlay premiere pro Premiere pro overlay download"

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