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Boone Dox Landing Gear 2016 Hobie Pro Angler 14

VentureTube Sports 2016-09-13 - 05:54:23

"I recently upgraded my trailer for my Hobie Pro Angler 14 from an old motorcycle trailer I had. I mounted a truck tool box on it for my kayak accessories and to clear up space in my van when traveling for tournaments. In doing so, I can no longer launch my kayak like a boat from my trailer like I did in the past with my harbor freight trailer. So I decided to purchase the Boone DOX landing gear wheel cart system. Pros: 1.I no longer need to lift my kayak up to insert the wheel cart. Each wheel is independent of each other and can be attached to each side with kayak level on ground. 2. Made much stronger and more durable. Looks great! 3. System is mounted to kayak on the sides instead of up through the scuppers. Less chance of damaging the kayak and causing potential leaks. 4. Additional place to mount accessories both on the T-nut system and 1 round bar. 5. Wheels can be inserted while youre in the kayak making getting off the water much quicker and easier. 6. Kayak is MUCH easier to transport around even when fully loaded. Cons: 1. Expensive 2. Heavy 3. The hardware always stays on your kayak. Overall Im very pleased with this upgrade. It has made launching and docking my kayak very easy! Heres an old video of me launching my kayak on my older Harbor Freight kayak trailer. Where to purchase Use Discount Code HOOK1NWKA for 15% off! Filmed with a Gopro Hero 4 silver Music YouTube Creator"

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