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Hurricane Michael: Panama City aftermath

The Sun News-Politics 2018-10-11 - 11:28:51

"AT LEAST two people are dead - including a child - after record-breaking Hurricane Michael slammed into the US with devastating 155mph winds. An 11-year-old girl in Georgia was killed when a metal-framed gazebo was picked up by winds and then crashed through the roof of her home on to her head. A Florida man also died when a tree crushed his home during the hell storm - which had already claimed 13 lives in Central America. According to Seminole County Emergency Management Agency Director Travis Brooks the schoolgirl died when the tent -used to cover a boat - was sent flying by the high winds. He said 911 crews were able to get to the girl at her devastated home in Georgia, at 1.50am this morning but she was already dead. Elsewhere, Michael caused a 14ft high storm surge which has submerged homes. It has now been degraded to a tropical storm - but not before tearing through homes and ripping roofs off buildings. National Hurricane Center meteorologist Dennis Feltgen said: We are in new territory. The historical record, going back to 1851, finds no Category 4 hurricane ever hitting the Florida panhandle. Scientists say it was so strong because warm waters of 84F (29C) extended unusually far up the northern Gulf Coast for this time of year after Florida had its warmest September ever. Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, a tourist town along the Panhandle, a 200-mile stretch of white-sand beach resorts, fishing towns and military bases. The hurricane swamped streets, snapped trees like twigs and sent building debris flying across the beachfront. Officials said nearly 500,000 homes were without power across Alabama, Georgia and Florida as a result of the hurricane. Cops also revealed a Florida Panhandle man was killed by a falling tree as Michael tore through the state. He was killed after a tree crashed through the roof of his Greenboro home and trapped him inside, according to the Gadsden County Sheriffs Office. Emergency crews were heading to the home, but downed power lines and blocked roads made the trip difficult. Officials have yet to reveal the mans name or whether anyone else has been hurt or killed in the storm in Florida. The window to evacuate has come to a close, said Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Brock Long. It began unexpectedly from a weekend tropical depression, becoming a furious Category 4 by early Wednesday, up from a Category 2 less than a day earlier. The storm came ashore as a Category 4 hurricane before it was downgraded to Category 3. By 8pm it was down to a Category 1. Donald Trump tweeted: Florida Highway Patrol Troopers are all en route to the Panhandle, from all across the state of Florida - to help those affected. He included a video of cop cars rushing to the scenes of devastation. The storm has the potential to drive sea water levels as high as 14ft above normal in some areas, the National Hurricane Center said. Continue reading: Hurricane Michael latest updates: Hurricane Michael path tracker: Hurricane Michael upgraded in danger category: Mass evacuations: Sun Subscribers get the latest breaking news and videos directly to their feed. SUBSCRIBE NOW and hit the bell to be the first in the know."

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