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THE GARFIELD SHOW - EP24 - The robot

THE GARFIELD SHOW OFFICIAL 🇺🇸 Entertainment 2015-09-16 - 16:03:36

"THE GARFIELD SHOW - EP24 - The robot Another day has begun, and Jon is doing the housework. He realizes Garfield and Odie are really dirty and disorderly. But Jon has a stroke of luck: a salesman knocks at the door and quickly talks Jon into buying a very efficient cleaning robot. They shake on the deal and Jon puts the robot to the test. Jon is delighted, but the robot soon makes Garfield and Odie’s lives impossible, following them around everywhere and even locking them in or throwing them out! It can’t go on any longer; the house is nice and clean, but the robot is driving them crazy. They decide to get rid of it. First, they have to make Jon see what they are going through. Which is easy once they reprogram the robot!"

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