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Nanashi - Ride It Out

Nanashi Music 2015-10-20 - 13:58:40

"Ride It Out by Nanashi from their self titled EP Download for free at Just a few years back I wouldve never said fuck you I was raised as a pawn to look up to Nobody knows how far youve crossed the line Im giving you hell this time I know you feel me Staring down from above Patiently waiting for the moment The pressure becomes to much You better be ready Youve had this coming for so long Ive been waiting to show you Your final song If youre going to try To stop me You better bring your best Cause only one of us is going to walk away without a hole inside our chest I wish it never came to this I wish it was in me to forget We took you in When you had no other place to go And wed do it all again You had your chance And now theres no place left to go Your ego is not your friend Dont blame a soul but yourself Cause you cant change anyone else Youre stuck on the path that you chose When you put yourself before everyone you know Hold your breathe Steadfast like the hairs on the back of your neck The chilling thought of me Running down the clock While you lay your death bed Youll never hear these words Unil you listen for them Youll never change the world Unless you change before hand"

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