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Gmod - SandBox Battle Royal!

Takoji's Challenges Gaming 2014-11-21 - 14:00:07

"Today’s Challenge: Build a base! Fight to the death!!! TodayRushi, Aqua, and I use Garrys mod at its best in an all out fight to the finish, and using the tools in gmod to out fit our bases with traps, defenses, and doors that vaguely work! Please leave a like or comment if you like this video :) It really helps. Addons Included ⬇︎ NONE! Music used ⬇︎ In Order Brane Scan - Half Life 2 “The Builder” - Kevin MacLeod “Fensters Explanation - Kevin MacLeod “Scheming Weasel faster” - Kevin MacLeod “Scheming Weasel slower - Kevin MacLeod “Something Secret Steers Us” - Half Life 2 “Duke Nukem Forever Theme” - Duke Nukem Forever “You’re Not Supposed to Be Here” - Half Life 2 “Sneaky Snitch” - Kevin MacLeod “Sneaky” - Kevin MacLeod “Fluffing a Duck” - Kevin MacLeod “Circus Tent - Kevin MacLeod “Take a Chance” - Kevin MacLeod Have a challenge for us? Tell us in the comments section! Like us on Facebook! Facebook: Opening and Closing music ©Steven Cancelmo"

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