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[ENG] Dylan Wang - Learn to Meow 王鹤棣 学猫叫 Connor Leong - Sincerely Yours 梁靖康 2018.08.11

Sharpay Evans 242 Film-Animation 2018-08-12 - 02:46:00

"Information about this video: This video is cut from Happy Camp last night 2018.08.11. Guests: F4 (Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Connor Leong, Caesar Wu) and 3 other man Information about these song No.1 学猫叫 Learn to meow 《고양이 소리를 따라해 보자》 ㅡ 소봉봉&소반반 No.2 致姗姗来迟的你 Sincerely Yours 느릿느릿 오는 너에게 español by Jin hee. Thank you so much -------------------- My email"

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