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4 Door - French Door - Refrigerator - LG - Door in Door - CustomChill Drawer

aipolitics2 Gaming 2016-05-30 - 07:38:31

"Update: Im working on a follow up to this, and I appear to be wrong about the door not being stainless steel. Its been pointed out, to me, that it is genuinely stainless steel. With that said, its different than other stainless steel appliances Ive had. Something about it just looks off, in my opinion. I apologize for getting that wrong. Tour, demonstration, and first impressions of the LG 4 Door French Door Refrigerator. Some settings on my camera seemed to be incorrect; please forgive the motion of the camera. I will be trying to reshoot this video, when I get a chance. Hopefully, this video is still helpful for you. Update 1: The fridge has been here for about 60 hours. The milk and juice in the door are not as cold as I would like them to be. They are not warm, by any means, but I am used to VERY cold drinks. Maybe, with time, things will get colder, or maybe its not realistic to expect the door to chill the beverages to the temperature I desire. Since I praised the refrigerator for being so cold (which it has generally seemed to be), it felt prudent to bring the drinks up. Update 2: Good news. I put the refrigerator temp down to 33 deg (the lowest it will go... although the Custom Chill Drawer goes down to 29 deg), and the milk and juice are already nearing the level of coldness that I prefer. Also... I went to Sears and Best Buy to look at other refrigerators, with a fresh set of eyes, since using this model for a few days. From just eyeballing it, this fridge seems to be more spacious than every other French Door model that has a drawer for a freezer. This fridges depth and height really pays off. Ill keep updating this box, with my early impressions, until Im ready to make a proper review of the refrigerator. Update 3: When I described the Samsung models door-in-door feature, I got something wrong. I said that the Samsung has THREE full sized shelves, while the LG has one full sized shelf and two sort of half shelves (in addition to the tiny shelves, you see on the outer door) What I got wrong is that the Samsung only has TWO of their full sized shelves. The top shelf is not exactly full sized. Its difficult to explain, in text, but it is not full sized, as I said it is, in this video. I apologize for that. I dont have both fridges side by side for a direct comparison, but my hunch is that LGs layout, for the door-in-door, might be more useful, in actual practice. Update 4: Got the fridge four days ago. The milk and juice are much colder, now, but Im using the lowest setting, 33 degrees. I ordered some refrigerator thermometers that I will be using in my THREE different refrigerators. I will soon have objective data as to the temperature each fridge reaches. As things stand, the milk is almost as cold as I want it. When I did the first update, I was NOT satisfied with the temperature of the milk, in the door. As of now, I am almost satisfied. Many people will not want milk as cold as I do, but for a fridge that costs this much, I think its fair to want satisfaction. Also... I am incredibly satisfied with how much space the fridge has, so far. The only downside is the freezer space could be bigger. But thats always been an issue, with any fridge Ive owned. I shop at Costco and Sams Club, so many of my frozen products come in big packaging. As a result, I have to take many items out of their boxes to make them all fit. Again, this has been a problem in any fridge Ive used. For regular refrigerated items, this fridge has space for more food than I own. I can, now, start considering keeping more fresh vegetables, in my fridge. (and yogurt and other snacks) Update 5: Ill keep this update short: I am working on a follow up video for this fridge. I definitely love it. Its probably one of my most favorite possessions, and its made my day to day life much easier. Even the things I complained about, in this first impressions video, dont bother me, in day to day use of this machine. I will say there has only been one real negative, and that has been the material that the front is made out of. The front is plastic, and I definitely prefer the actual steel of my older unit. Ill talk about that, in the next video, but overall, I really do love this refrigerator. (I did get the extended warranty though... something to keep in mind, as I have not yet had a chance to see how it will hold up for the long haul, but I can see myself wanting to use this for around 10 years or so, so heres hoping it wants to do the job for at least that long) LGs website, with full product spec:"

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