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Lil Peep - Runaway (Official Video)

Lil Peep Music 2018-11-01 - 13:30:04

"Come Over When Youre Sober, Pt. 2 Out November 9: Runaway off Come Over When Youre Sober, Pt. 2 out now: LIZAS DIRECTORS NOTES: Im so proud to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Steven Mertens on the video for Runaway. It has allowed me to make something beautiful for my son -- in his honor. Early in the process, many of us agreed that Runaway would be a great song to release as a single for COWYS 2. It is a powerful song that tells the story of how Gus--aka Lil Peep--had decided to leave his apartment in LA, but he didnt want to come home to live in Long Beach, either. So, he had gone to stay in London. That was a productive and happy time for him--working with friends like Smokeasac and ILoveMakonnen. This video tells that part of Guss story. The story is told using many of Guss drawings, from different periods of his life. After transforming into the wonderful flaming-haired character that Gus drew, himself, he flies away from LAX to London--to make music with some of his best friends. I know you will enjoy watching it. You will see different things each time you watch. His drawings. His tattoos. His friends. The house where he really lived. And his dog, Taz, the legend. ///// Directed by Liza Womack & Steven Mertens (@stevenstmertens) Special Thanks to Smokeasac and ILoveMakonnen Additional Footage provided by Richard Stilwell /////"

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